Aroma of the Songs



is Aroma of the Songs

Aroma of the Songs helps in visualizing music in the form of intricate rose petals using moving cube traces.

It uses fancy Mathematical equations and FFT Spectrum Analysis to do so which are explained in subsequent section.

Initially it was given the Project Codename S.O.S. meaning Smell of the Songs which then changed (because of the word 'Smell' being a little onto negative side) to Aroma of the Songs or Project A.O.S.



behind Aroma of the Songs

I love Music and frankly, who doesn't. From my childhood days, I have this innate tendency of tinkering things for example, from sending songs wirelessly using Light, trying encoding songs visually to making machine generated synthetic songs, somehow Music has always been a center piece to all of it.

I was interested in Generative art, a visual art genre and thus this project was born.

Although, the spark for this project was initially originated by encountering Ashris Choudhury's Project named Roses in Resonance, it was reinforced by my interest in Applied Mathematics, all the code and further ideas such as categorising songs, shading the petals using energy levels & countless others were completely written and developed by me.



... of Mathematics

Algorithm behind this project manoeuvres the cube using a modified Rose mathematical equation and FFT Spectrum Analysis.

The cube traces controlled by algorithm's core logic leave behind intricate & beautiful rose petals.

The output by the algorithm is integrated with rendering engine called Processing which handles the movement of the cube. I'll release the algorithm's source code very soon.



around Aroma of the Songs

Project AOS (Aroma of the Songs) is W.I.P. (Work in progress)

You can currently visit our Home and Lab.

If you're interested in this project and have ideas on improving it, feel free to ping me on Twitter or LinkedIn.